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A Letter from LLamasoft’s CEO, Razat Gaurav

By Razat Gaurav  April 23, 2018

Many of you likely saw the recent news that I “Joined the Herd”, so to speak, and have joined  LLamasoft as its new CEO.  I’m thrilled to be a part of the company as it continues its incredible growth trajectory, powered by its dedication to provide the best, most innovative supply chain solution that enables strategy, design and policy decisioning all in one product.

Having been a part of the supply chain industry for several years, I had always heard of LLamasoft’s reputation for excellence – excellence in solutions, and excellence in people. The company’s co-founders, Don and Toby, have built an incredible company founded on innovation, rooted in differentiated values and culture, and constructed with the very best supply chain professionals in the world. We are fortunate that Don will continue contributing to our growth as Chairman of the Board, and Toby as our Chief Strategy Officer.

As I ramp up on our business, I’ve already seen the powerful solution built by our team and how unique the company’s mix of optimization, simulation and machine learning capabilities really is – and how that mix has helped so many in the industry transform their operations.

I’ve also seen a glimpse of what the future holds – and it truly is exciting. I can’t wait to share the next stage of LLamasoft’s – and the industry’s – evolution with you all.

More to come on that soon.

In the meantime, I want to assure you that under my guidance LLamasoft will continue to be rooted in the product innovation and customer dedication you have come to expect. The company will continue to pride itself on understanding its customers and their needs, so our solutions can provide real, actionable value to each of you.

I personally invite you to attend our SummerCon customer conference in Atlanta on June 11 – 15. Looking forward to meeting our dedicated customers and partners in-person – and working together with you for many years to come.