Mission Statement

Change the world for the better by enabling our clients to use supply chain design as a strategic capability so they can survive and thrive.

We serve customers, investors, employees, and the community
We’re all about stakeholders, not just shareholders. Success means not screwing any of these groups, and having the guts to defend them when we’re making decisions.

Better beats perfect
We care, and we go for the best – always. But we also have to get things done and deliver.

Fight hard, but fight fair
We care about ideas, and we’re confident about letting them battle it out. But we never let our passion cause us to disrespect others.

Take the bull by the horns
When we see a problem, we fix it. We don’t just look in front of us—we look left and look right, and help other folks fix their problems too.

Everyone is capable of greatness
We don’t ever settle – we push ourselves to run harder and faster because we can always do better.

People deserve second chances
We drive hard, take risks, and sometimes we screw-up. But we learn from it and move on. And we don’t look over our shoulders. Every mistake is an education.

Success is earned, no one is entitled
Nobody gets a free pass. We earn it every day.

Just ‘cuz you’re smart doesn’t make you a leader
People Leadership is serious business. We work at it all the time.

We work to live, we don’t live to work
Our company is here to help support us, our families, and our life’s goals, not the other way around.

Don’t care what ya look lak, where ya frum
Hairy, bald, big, short, fast, slow; there are many types of LLamas in the herd. It’s still one herd.

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