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October 9, 2020

COVID Crisis Shifts Supply Chain Management From Efficiency to Resilience

Throughout 2020, supply chain leaders have been forced to think creatively about how to approach and mitigate challenges they have been facing as a result of disruptions related to COVID-19. According to Slimane Allab, General Manager (EMEA) at LLamasoft, one of the most common and effective trends he is seeing amongst LLamasoft customers is the implementation of collaborative “war rooms."

“Some have seen [COVID-19] as an opportunity, like grocery retailers. Pharmaceutical and petro-chemical companies were affected on the supply chain in the early days, with an impact of around 20% to 30%,” says Allab. “This is why we’ve seen companies use ‘war rooms’, to address how they are being affected both on the supply side and on the demand side. These war rooms have led them to think differently about resilience and agility; about how to best leverage the network they own in normal times for the new times, and to minimize the impact on their bottom line.”

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