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Creating a Supply Chain Design Center of Excellence (CoE)

By LLamasoft  January 16, 2016

Establishing an Internal CoE Expands the Benefit of Supply Chain Modeling Enterprise-Wide

Some of the best-run supply chains in the world are making supply chain design a core business function, and using this competency as a competitive weapon for their business. They are establishing internal supply chain design centers of excellence which utilize modeling technology to continuously optimize the end-to-end supply chain and stay ahead of other companies in their market.

Not every company has a supply chain design center of excellence established with mission statements, reporting structures and budgets. Building this supply chain design center of excellence within a business often follows a progression that begins with a small group finding tactical quick wins and leveraging those results to justify the business function.

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How does a company actually assemble and organize the resources required for successful implementation of your internal design team? Making sure you build a solid foundation of technology, people and process for your center of excellence is critical to its sustainability and success. LLamasoft has supported over 1,000 supply chain design projects across industries and instructs large companies around the world on best-practices for creating an internal center of excellence. Learn more about LLamasoft supply chain design center of excellence workshops.