Webinar: Beyond the Trade War

A proactive approach to reducing uncertainty and the cost of cross-border trade

Heightened trade tensions between the US and China have led to a rapid and dynamic increase in tariffs on more than $550 billion in goods since 2018. With the threat of additional tariffs on the horizon and no immediate end to trade friction in sight, global business leaders face a series of difficult decisions about which actions to take considering these changes.

The US-China trade war has added up to 25% in tariffs to the total landed cost of many products – taking steps to reduce these cost increases is a business imperative. In this live webinar, leading principal at Bain and Co., Jared Lapin, joins LLamasoft to discuss the trade environment and present new research on how executives are reinventing their supply chains to hedge against these shifts and incorporate a holistic view of taxes and duties into your business transformation. LLamasoft Product Manager Arad Adler joins the conversation with a look at new capabilities that help enterprises analyze the implications of taxes and duties across their end-to-end supply chain for clarity on options and trade-offs for greater control over the total cost to serve.

Meet Our Presenters

Jared Lapin


Bain & Company

Arad Adler

Product Manager