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Day 2 of LLamaCon: Recap

By LLamasoft Editorial Team  June 17, 2020

Data & Decisioning, Risk & Resiliency

Day 2 of LLamaCon NOW marked the beginning of track sessions featuring tracks on Data & Decisioning in Supply Chain and Risk & Resiliency as a Competitive Advantage.


With global disruptions increasing and more emphasis on agility in supply chains, more organizations are ramping up their analytics programs.

LLamaCon’s Day 2, Data & Decisioning track took a deep dive into best practices to establish a solid data foundation and emerging technologies for managing data complexity.  Sessions on these topics were conducted by Agillitics, Medtronic and the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) in South Africa.

The track kicked off with Tim Judge, CEO of Agillitics, discussing some industry best practices for quickly creating a digital twin with bite-sized pieces in parallel with an enterprise data strategy.

“The team at Agillitics have developed at 7-key step process which digital twin projects typically need to follow.” – Tim Judge, Agillitics, CEO

The LLamasoft Solution Session for the Data & Decisioning track featured Senior Solution Designer, Joe Henderson, who lead a focused discussion on demystifying the concept of a digital twin while outlining how to leverage one for rapid time value.

Heidi Albert from the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) presented a session on how the non-profit is bringing cutting edge data analytics to design optimized laboratory networks in low and middle-income countries.

“We want to be able to improve access to services for patients, reduce procurement and operating costs, as well as providing greater visibility of network” – Heidi Albert

Another exciting session in this track was a case study featuring one of the world’s largest suppliers of medical devices, Medtronic. This content serves as a Part 2 follow-up to Part I’s webinar between Razat Gaurav and Medtronic’s VP of Global Logistics & Distribution, Joe Beck, which took place in May.

In part II, Medtronic’s Jeff Chaussee, Sr Global Supply Chain Network Optimization and Enablement Manager, and Lindsay Horner, Network Optimization Analyst, shared insights, lessons and goals from Medtronic’s digital twin journey.

The Data & Decisioning track panel discussion brought together the session speakers with LLamasoft’s VP of Industry Strategy, Matt Tichon serving as moderator, for a discussion focused on advanced analytics and building a solid data foundation.

The panel also featured some live audience interaction with several Zoom polls, asking audience members if they were familiar with the phrase digital twin before attending LLamaCon, as well as their opinions on the primary interest of their organization’s leveraging of a digital twin.


As companies work to restore and adapt their operations amid continued uncertainty, they increasingly look to new technologies to help visualize, analyze and redesign their supply chains.  Beyond restoration, most teams are also looking to evolve their current capabilities to create greater resilience to future disruptions and changing market opportunities.  For many, this means smarter, faster decision making a core competency for their companies.

Today’s Risk & Resiliency track examined how companies from a variety of industries are reinvigorating risk management activities to gain a competitive edge.

Beginning with two unique case studies, JD Logistics and Natura, track attendees were treated to examples of scenario planning, technology, and creating playbooks to use for creating unique competitive advantage during periods of disruption.

The JD Logistics session featured LLamasoft’s VP of Public Sector Solutions, Dr. Greg Grindey, and JD Logistics Chief Data Officer, Dr. Shengnan (Shane) Wu, who discussed how to prepare for high-impact disruptions such as COVID-19, going forward.

“The global outbreak of COVID-19 presented us with a very unique opportunity to examine our emergency response capabilities during a high-risk event” – Dr. Shengnan Wu

With the acquisition of Avon in January, Brazil-based Natura & Co became the fourth-largest pure play beauty company on the planet. But the new opportunity also came with risk – particularly with the integration of the brands’ global supply chains.

Nestor Felpi, Natura’s Executive Director of Supply Chain, explained how his team laid the groundwork for a successful merger and leveraged LLamasoft tools to understand the opportunities, trade-offs and financial implications of change.

The LLamasoft Solution Session for the Risk & Resiliency track featured Principle Solution Designer, Erin Allwardt, who shared how to build a competency around risk modeling using the three-step risk management methodology and how this piece fits into a larger risk readiness program.

“At LLamasoft, we like to think of ‘Risk Management’ as incorporating three main steps – Identifying & detecting risk in your network, determining risk appetite & assessing options, and proactively mitigating risk & building playbooks” – Erin Allwardt

The 3 “R’s” of Resilient Enterprise, led by Founder of The Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium, Gregory L Schlegel, discussed how supply chains Respond, Recover and Renew. This session discussed elements of each phase and profiled three types of emerging companies coming out of the COVID-19 global risk event.

“Good reactive-responsiveness to a risk event, due to planning protocols and playbooks, can lead to additional revenue and share, by accelerating time to recovery. Speed is life in risk management” said Schlegel. He added “If you can identify, assess and mitigate a risk faster than your nearest competitor(s), that’s a strategic advantage”

A concurrent session hosted by Bain & Company partners, Allison Kahler and Olaf Schatteman, led a discussion on choosing the appropriate balance between risk and resiliency, and which capabilities to focus on while developing a resilient supply chain.

Schatteman outlined his three key takeaways from the COVID-19 crisis; “disruption is the new normal; the assumptions and business rules that we used to use to run our supply chains are no longer valid; and thirdly, the supply chain can be more than a ‘shelter and storm’ if you use it well. It can really be used as a competitive advantage.”

The Risk & Resiliency track panel discussion brought together the session speakers and LLamasoft Vice President of Public Sector Solutions, Dr. Greg Grindey. The conversation focused on how to reinvigorate risk management and evolve for greater resilience and smarter, faster decision-making in the years to come.

“What you don’t know about your supply chain, can and WILL hurt you” – Gregory Schlegel


The best part about LLamaCon NOW being entirely digital and free to attend, is that you can register at any point and have access to the content! Did you miss Day 2? Register now and gain access to the content on-demand, regardless!