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Demand Prioritization During COVID-19 Disruption

By Matt Gunn  May 4, 2020

As economies and markets ramp to reopen, keeping a pulse on the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic and analyzing the impact to your customer demand will help you make more informed short-term forecasting and supply chain planning decisions.

Rearview mirror methods that solely use your internal, historical point of sale, shipment and order data are not relevant as they rely on the assumption that past patterns are indicative of the future. What we’re experiencing now is unlike anything from the past. Customer behavior is causing dramatic surges and drops in demand across channels, products and regions. Many companies are experiencing unprecedented inventory stockouts, product substitutions and shipping constraints that are not reflected in historical data repositories.

In this podcast, Vikram Srinivasan, Senior Director Product Management offers practical tips for an “outside-in” AI-driven approach, using COVID-19 with your internal data and performing “what-if” analysis to test out a range of forecast scenarios. By pinpointing disruption inflection points, current demand patterns can be revealed to prioritize and set agile short-term forecasts to meet customer demand and balance supply.

Learn more on the LLamasoft COVID-19 Response Center – and contact us for a complimentary discovery session and two-month access to the COVID-19 Demand Impact Analyzer.