The Economist: Special Report on Supply Chains

Supply chains in the age of trade wars and shrinking globalization

As the trade tensions continue to mount, how can supply chains adapt?

Amid heightened trade tensions and a prolonged trade war, businesses must rethink how they shape their global supply chains. A new special report by The Economist examines the challenges enterprises face, putting into context the enormity of the decisions companies must make in a world where the global trade rate has fallen more than 3% in the past two years.

As global businesses consider the environment, the report takes a look at how these sweeping changes could affect the pace of innovation, the effect on sales, the urgency for digital translation, and what it might cost to continue business as usual or change sourcing strategies through near- and reshoring.

While realigning the supply network might mitigate the effect of tariffs, business leaders must also consider several tradeoffs, such as cost, labor, quality, or service levels and cycle times. To help examine what some of those tradeoffs might be, The Economist worked with LLamasoft to show how the ability to look at different scenarios gives executives the ability to make the right decision for their supply chains.

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