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Filling gaps where existing planning systems fall short – Adapt or Die Podcast

By Matt Gunn  December 17, 2019

Never normal is the new normal.

Those who thrive in today’s changing business environment are businesses that can harness the available data to rapidly sense opportunities and make faster, more intentional decisions.

Listen to the podcast: 

In achieving the organizational strategy to thrive, it’s critical to weigh the strengths of the technology you have available to help you make decisions and execute your plan. Planning systems, or a “system of record” like SAP IBP, are a great way to have a forward look to balance your supply and demand balance, and when combined with a “system of innovation”, can deliver greater value in holistic visibility across your end to end supply chain.

Join our host Matt Gunn, as he explores this topic with John Sharkey, SVP Consulting at Spinnaker and Madhav Durbha, Group Vice President, Industry Strategies at LLamasoft. Our two guests today bring more than 40 years combined strategic work within Supply Chain solutions. They explore the value planning systems, creating executable plans while managing complexity, using a digital twin for scenario testing, and how to couple other technologies to expand organization capabilities to improve forward looking S&OP planning.

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Belcorp Speakers: Gian Paolo Gandini, MBA, CDDL, CPIM, Corporative Sourcing Director; German Ricardo Rodriguez, M.Sc., Strategic Planning of Operations Analyst