Fulfillment Capacity Planner

The Deep Insights Needed to Evaluate and Optimize Operations for Fluctuations in Demand

Year after year, e-commerce growth rates continue to surpass estimates as do customer expectations for faster delivery. Fulfillment centers must now operate more like a factory than a physical place to store product. As e-commerce demand presents new operational complexities, rapid channel growth and challenging service expectations, capacity is at a premium and planned (and unplanned) demand spikes can impact cost and service metrics if not properly managed. Fulfillment center managers can now be equipped with a way to effectively plan responses to demand spikes on their facilities before they happen.

The Fulfillment Capacity Planner equips managers with the ability to quickly perform what-if analysis to balance service level and cost by adjusting key operational levers. Managers will spend less time fighting data and more time acting on the insights developed through intelligent scenario analysis.

Analyze your fulfillment center operations to make the best decisions on:

  • Optimal labor and labor cost levels
  • Determining achievable service levels given demand and capacity scenarios
  • Estimating the potential value of additional capacity investments
  • Defining the optimal operational balance to meet demand given cost and service objectives

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