A New Approach to Fulfillment Capacity Planning


WEBINAR: A New Approach to Fulfillment Capacity Planning
August 12th at 11 am ET

Capacity planning requires constantly walking a tight rope amid limited resources, costly labor and consistently rising service promises.  Meanwhile, e-commerce volumes are growing faster than ever before, the warehouse management system (WMS) wasn’t built for forward planning, and spreadsheet-based capacity analysis is broken.  There is a solution for efficiently analyzing the impact of demand projections and operating strategies on daily level fulfillment capabilities that leverages both deep knowledge of AI and industry experience.

Join LLamasoft SVP Mike Watson as he takes a direct look into the problem, the complexity, the interesting math behind it and why this all matters.

Learn how companies are complementing their WMS with a new approach that moves beyond spreadsheets in as few as 4 weeks to:

  • Optimize labor and machine capacity at a granular level (by day, machine or department)
  • Circumvent or manage backlogs before they happen
  • Continually adjust and (re)prioritize by customer segment and/or process to best meet objectives
  • Save hours of analysis and provide better forward planning

Meet our Presenter

Mike Watson

SVP And General Manager, Opex Analytics Division

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