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More political indecision would actually be worse for businesses than no deal, say supply chain experts

As Jeremy Corbyn tells Labour MPs not to negotiate with Theresa May until she commits to take no deal “off the table” and France implements its own no-deal plan, the people who design and monitor supply chains for the businesses that actually use Britain’s import and export routes for their materials and products are increasingly placing their bets on a worst-case scenario. “The thing about no deal,” explains Llamasoft’s Mat... Read More

How to Combat the Uncertainty and Risks in Global Supply Chains

Join LLamasoft CEO Razat Gaurav and Adelante SCM’s Adrian Gonzalez as they discuss some of the most emergent threats to the supply chain industry today, including an ever-changing political landscape and increasing economic nationalism. In this webcast you’ll learn: What supply chain leaders view as the most urgent threats facing the supply chain industry today How supply chain leaders are utilizing a “digital twin” of their network to best prepare... Read More

Best Logistics and Supply Chain Shows to Attend in 2019

Welcome to 2019! With a new year comes a new list of forthcoming supply chain and logistics events. I find that each conference has its own strengths. I’m sure you do as well. Maybe you are looking to assess the conferences available to you this year. Maybe you are looking to attend two conferences, back-to-back in the same city. Or maybe you want to see who is planning a conference... Read More