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Five Predictions for Supply Chains in 2020

By Matt Tichon, Vice President of Industry Strategy, LLamasoft The year 2019 seemed to be the year of unpredictability, not the least of which was the seemingly ever-changing foreign trade policy of major world economies. Interestingly, it’s that same unpredictable nature of foreign trade policy that serves as a springboard for supply chain predictions for 2020.  Here are the top five predictions that will have a major impact on the... Read More

Trade Uncertainty: Leveraging Data

By Matt Gunn, Director of Product Marketing, LLamasoft Consider tariffs a costly burden or rethink the design of your supply chain? Data is the key to making business decisions in volatile times. The US-China trade war has placed significant strain on businesses across multiple industries since the first tariffs hit in July 2018. And while some have weathered the additional cost, we are already seeing the effect these heightened trade... Read More