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COVID Crisis Shifts Supply Chain Management From Efficiency to Resilience

Throughout 2020, supply chain leaders have been forced to think creatively about how to approach and mitigate challenges they have been facing as a result of disruptions related to COVID-19. According to Slimane Allab, General Manager (EMEA) at LLamasoft, one of the most common and effective trends he is seeing amongst LLamasoft customers is the implementation of collaborative “war rooms.” “Some have seen [COVID-19] as an opportunity, like grocery retailers.... Read More

LLamasoft joins forces with the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition to shed light on testing access

The availability and accessibility of wide-spread testing is a crucial component of our ability to fight and track the spread of COVID-19. As part of the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition, LLamasoft helped develop the “COVID-19 Test Equity Dashboard” which is being used by healthcare administrators, public health officials, and medical providers to help inform the positioning of sample collection sites to help ensure that vulnerable communities receive the resources they need.... Read More

Retail and the Supply Chain: Don’t Wait Until the Next Bad Thing Happens!

As a global community, we have been adapting, pivoting, and reinventing our way of life and business operations as disruptions related to COVID-19 occur almost daily. We’re faced with an increasingly complicated global trade environment, weakened economies and communities, political and social disruptions, and global warming. Retailers and merchandisers are among those who are experiencing the ramifications of these challenges, but the good news is that technologies are ready and... Read More