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Why peak trading could intensify the effects of a Halloween no deal Brexit

Grocers and supply chain professionals have this week sounded the alarm once more about what a Hallowe’en no deal Brexit falling just before peak trading could mean in practice. Both Tesco and Sainsbury’s this week warned of the uncertainty surrounding the kind of deal or no deal October 31 exit from the European Union that both candidates to be the UK’s next Prime Minister – Jeremy Huntand Boris Johnson –... Read More

Sustainability versus Profitability

Companies across industries are torn between sustainability and profitability. But is this really a contradiction? Suppliers hold a key role when it comes to making supply chains more sustainable. The chemical and pharma sectors have broad experience with certification processes and can use this knowledge to help suppliers become more sustainable along the supply chain. A digital twin helps to make the right decisions for an optimized supplier network. When... Read More

A New Era of Globalization

In 2005, Thomas Friedman proclaimed that the world was flat. By this, he meant that a confluence of factors such as the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the rise of the internet, and a proliferation of offshoring and outsourcing practices were helping to bring the world closer together. Fourteen years later and a very different climate dominates, in which we talk anew of building walls, breaking away from international treaties... Read More