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Operationalising AI: A Whimsical Dream To Grounded Reality

LLamasoft’s Dr. Madhav Durbha shares his thoughts with Dataconomy readers on how AI doesn’t have to be a whimsical dream. It’s bringing actual value to businesses by solving their supply chain problems using a collection of many different types of advanced algorithms – it’s not focused on Deep Learning alone. Read the Dataconomy article below  ... Read More

Meeting Increased Testing Needs for Public Health Supply Chains – Building More Responsive, Efficient, and Resilient Diagnostic Networks

For better and for worse, testing is having a moment. The COVID-19 pandemic has shined a bright light on an area of healthcare that was often an afterthought. In fact, accurate and timely diagnosis of disease is one of the foundational pieces of good medicine. And given significant CapEx investment requirements for equipment, uncertain demand, cost/service trade-offs, capacity and operational constraints, and a rapidly changing medical and technological landscape, these... Read More

COVID-19: A Call for AI Powered Supply Chain Decision Making

The pandemic is causing some strange anomalies to supply chains, unlike any we have witnessed in our lifetimes. Companies across the board are experiencing unforeseen shocks to the system on the demand and supply side simultaneously. LLamasoft’s Dr. Madhav Durbha shares three compelling stories with Datamation of companies that are using AI to get through these challenges. Read the full article on Datamation by clicking on the link below.  ... Read More