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Q&A with Neelima Ramaraju: Solving the TB Crisis Using Tech

LLamasoft, a supply chain design software designer, and a FIND non-profit healthcare organization, have recently partnered to use AI technology to find millions of undiagnosed patients impacted by tuberculosis Tuberculosis is one of the top 10 killers in the world affecting 10 million people annually. Of those 10 million, 3.6 million were “missing cases,” – undiagnosed or undetected and not reported due to a lack of access to diagnostics. As... Read More

Opex Analytics, acquired by LLamasoft, helps Nordstrom get a handle on omni-channel fulfillment

As store business shrank and online business grew, Nordstrom and Opex Analytics turned their attention to omni-channel fulfillment. It is becoming the classic retail conundrum: Traditional brick-and-mortar stores must figure out how to leverage their locations, manage rapid e-commerce growth and do it all in a manner that keeps up with the Amazons of the world. Consumers are accustomed to clicking from home and seeing their packages arrive the next... Read More

How to Convince Large Companies to Work With Your Startup

The co-founder and chief strategy officer of LLamasoft says it’s important to tear down barriers of entry and make it as easy as possible for companies to work with you. LLamasoft provides supply chain management software to more than 750 of the world’s most innovative companies — and its first clients consisted of multi-billion-dollar companies with household names. How did the company convince larger organizations to change their old supply... Read More