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Razat Gaurav on BBC Radio

LLamasoft’s CEO Razat Gaurav talks with BBC Radio about companies getting caught in the trade war. See the transcript of this interview below. Announcer: This is BBC Radio 5 Live, available on the BBC Sounds app. Up All Night, with Rhod Sharp. Rhod Sharp: The trade war between the world’s two economic giants goes on. But after a year of advance and retreat, American and Chinese deputy trade negotiators are... Read More

Demand Planning Breaks Down During Recessions

In 2010, I talked to a supply chain executive from a consumer electronics accessories company who mentioned the terrible return on investment he had gotten from implementing a demand planning solution. I was surprised. Most of the time I hear about pay back periods of less than two years from implementing supply chain solutions. He pointed out that the implementation had occurred during the great recession that occurred during 2007-2009.... Read More