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Supply and demand Circular Economy, Collection and Transport

When it comes to environmental impact, transportation has far-reaching and adverse consequences for our water sources and is responsible for almost 25% of total global CO2 emissions. However, these numbers can be drastically improved by making supply chains more efficient. LLamasoft Director of Global Impact, Ryan Purcell, discusses how COVID-19 has paved the way for increased efficiencies and the benefits of embracing long-term sustainability in supply chains. Read the full... Read More

LLamasoft receives Shared Vision Award from partner, Eversight

LLamasoft is honored to be recognized as a recipient of the ‘Shared Vision Award’ from our non-profit partner Eversight. LLamasoft’s Global Impact Team has supported the Eversight operations team with access to our technology and solutions, including the development of a custom algorithm for tissue transplant assessment. Big thanks, Eversight and congratulations to our fellow recipients! Read more about the award, and our partnership with Eversight, here... Read More

When Chuck E. Cheese cuts back on entertainment

LLamasoft CEO, Razat Gaurav, shares his views on supply chain challenges organizations are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic in this Washington Post article. Read the full article here.... Read More