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A Grim Outlook: How worse weather will disrupt businesses and their supply chains

Climate change will impact our world in many ways we have yet to understand. Despite this uncertainty, it is important that supply chain leaders and decision makers create plans now to help mitigate the risk of major setbacks caused by the changing environment. In a recent article featured in The Economist, LLamasoft CEO, Razat Gaurav explains that, for companies trying to cope with climate risk in their supply chains, the... Read More

How supply chains can prepare for a second wave of COVID-19

Supply chain disruptions related to COVID-19, and the suddenness of them, highlighted a very important lesson for businesses: failure to prepare is preparing to fail.  Many organizations did not have the technology in place that is needed to adapt to these disruptions effectively and efficiently. As a result, if they were able to recover at all, it was either too late or not a long-term solution.  Slimane Allab, Senior Vice President and General Manager, EMEA, discusses how... Read More

LLamasoft’s Slimane Allab Recognized as one of 100 People Transforming Business in Europe by Business Insider

LLamasoft is excited and proud to announce that Slimane Allab, Senior Vice President and General Manager, EMEA, has been recognized by Business Insider as one of 100 people transforming business in Europe.  The individuals featured in Business Insider’s 100 People Transforming Business lists are “driving change and innovation in their companies and across industries.” So, what makes Slimane an “Industry Transformer”?  For starters, Slimane believes it’s not enough to only be an organization that customers can... Read More