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LLamasoft CEO Razat Gaurav discusses the coronavirus threatening global economic growth on BBC Radio

LLamasoft CEO Razat Gaurav talked with Dotun Adebayo, host of Up All Night on BBC Radio 5 Live, about the impact the coronavirus is having on global supply chains. “China, as we all know, accounts for about 1/3 of global trade, over $2.5 trillion of exports, over $2 trillion of imports. So it’s a massive economic powerhouse and the ongoing issues with the coronavirus are significantly impacting manufacturing production in... Read More

How AI and automation may reshape supply chain roles as we know them

Technological advancements throughout time have caused periods of huge change across industries and jobs roles. Currently, it is the rapid advances in automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies which have the potential to significantly disrupt global supply chains. However, the question remains how and to what extent these changes will impact in supply chain roles? See the full article here.... Read More

Coronavirus causes China’s factories to remain closed – supply chain experts explain why

Fast Company published an article today, taking a look at why Chinese factories continue to halt production due to the coronavirus, though most employees are healthy. “A big reason why workers aren’t fully back on the job is that many are stuck in rural regions,” the article states. Supply chain experts warn the situation may worsen before improving. “I don’t think we are yet feeling the full impact, because most... Read More