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Retail and the Supply Chain: Don’t Wait Until the Next Bad Thing Happens!

As a global community, we have been adapting, pivoting, and reinventing our way of life and business operations as disruptions related to COVID-19 occur almost daily. We’re faced with an increasingly complicated global trade environment, weakened economies and communities, political and social disruptions, and global warming. Retailers and merchandisers are among those who are experiencing the ramifications of these challenges, but the good news is that technologies are ready and... Read More

Logistics Manager Analysis: Supply Chain Risk Management – the stakes are high

COVID-19, though far from being a thing of the past, has granted supply chain leaders the opportunity to approach their future plans with lessons learned from hindsight analysis. As we prepare for potential second, third, and continued waves of COVID spikes, leaders need to remain focused on one very important variable: Mitigating supply chain risk. In a recent article from Logisitics Manager, Madhav Durbha, group vice-president, EMEA, at LLamasoft, discusses... Read More

A Grim Outlook: How worse weather will disrupt businesses and their supply chains

Climate change will impact our world in many ways we have yet to understand. Despite this uncertainty, it is important that supply chain leaders and decision makers create plans now to help mitigate the risk of major setbacks caused by the changing environment. In a recent article featured in The Economist, LLamasoft CEO, Razat Gaurav explains that, for companies trying to cope with climate risk in their supply chains, the... Read More