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A New Era of Globalization

In 2005, Thomas Friedman proclaimed that the world was flat. By this, he meant that a confluence of factors such as the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the rise of the internet, and a proliferation of offshoring and outsourcing practices were helping to bring the world closer together. Fourteen years later and a very different climate dominates, in which we talk anew of building walls, breaking away from international treaties... Read More

Steve Banker’s Coverage of LLamaCon 2019

For the second time this year, I have seen a supply chain control tower solution I really, really like. The latest occasion was at LLamasoft’s LLamaCon user conference last week in Chicago. LLamasoft is a leading provider of supply chain design and demand management solutions. Currently they are not calling the solution a control tower, they are struggling to come up with a name for the solution that they like.... Read More

Supply Chain Essentials Every CEO Should Know

Chief executive officers typically take a back seat when it comes to supply-chain management, but by forging a greater synergy with supply-chain managers, they can take their organizations on a journey toward prolonged success. We now live in the age of the digital supply chain, which makes it easier than ever before for an outsider with minimal background to understand the intricacies of the supply chain and the challenges and... Read More