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20 Things To Know About Artificial Intelligence For Supply Chain Management

Machine Learning has been Used to Improve Demand Forecasting for Over a Decade I saw a good article by Gordon Benzie with a similar title, but with a cross industry perspective. Mr. Benzie is a director at AVEVA. I think his article provides a good premise for a more focused article on the topic of artificial intelligence as it applies to supply chain management. Any device that can perceive its... Read More

GUEST COMMENT The impact of blockchain on the supply chain

Blockchain technology is synonymous with cryptocurrency, but how might it impact supply chains? Supply chain management can be overwhelmingly complex without the right technologies in place. Technologies within the supply chain have helped today’s organisations master sprawling and elaborate supply chain networks that involve various parties, multiple stages and dispersed locations. Then there are the transactions and associated documents such as purchase orders and invoices that must be tracked and... Read More