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Coronavirus exposes the weak links in the pharma supply chain

Madhav Durbha, LLamasoft group vice president of industry strategy, wrote an article for The Pharma Letter. “While much is being written and said about the short-term supply chain challenges posed by the coronavirus outbreak, this ongoing outbreak is also bringing to the fore some systemic challenges in the pharma supply chain,” Durbha writes. “The coronavirus’ impact on the pharma industry is yet another reminder of the need to factor risk... Read More

Coronavirus exposes global supply chain vulnerability, need for resilience

Matthew Woodcock, LLamasoft Customer Success Strategist, talked with The Telegraph about the automotive industry’s vulnerable state as productions came to a halt amid struggles to get parts due to the coronavirus. The article states, “As manufacturers have stripped out costs – and passed them down their supply chain – they have also stopped holding stocks of parts, relying on “just-in-time” manufacturing, where items arrive for assembly just hours before being... Read More

LLamasoft CEO talks with Supply Chain Insights, urging companies to evolve processes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

LLamasoft CEO Razat Gaurav talked with Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights, about the effects that COVID-19 is having on supply chains and LLamasoft’s new offerings to help organizations combat the impact. Gaurav said companies should evaluate their current planning processes and systems around the supply chain that aren’t designed for success. “If your fundamental policies, frequency of replenishment, design and capacity decisions are flawed, it doesn’t matter what... Read More