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It’s a new day to deliver – are you ready? – Adapt or Die Podcast

By Matt Gunn  December 3, 2019

The pace of market change is accelerating faster than inside the four walls of today’s enterprises. Data is growing exponentially, technology continues to disrupt, and business are constantly grappling with macroeconomic conditions and industry complexities. How do you adapt with the right combination of data, technology and people to predict what’s next so you can deliver on your commitments today?

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Traditional methods to forecast demand simply don’t work anymore. Relying on historical data to point the way is only going to give you a piece of the answer.

In this podcast, Vikram Srinivasan, Senior Director of Product Management at LLamasoft joins Matt Gunn to describe what it means to model demand in today’s complex business environment to drive your desired business outcomes.

Learn more about LLamasoft’s demand modeling solutions and how you can better predict the future to deliver today.