JD Logistics Expedited Shipping Offer

The COVID-19 coronavirus has had a tremendous impact on human lives and the operations of businesses that source, manufacture and move products through China. As you work to recover from material and parts disruptions in China, LLamasoft and JD Logistics would like to extend an exclusive service to help expedite shipping within the region.

Through our partnership with JD Logistics, LLamasoft customers can access dedicated support to expedite shipments within China or to any intended location across the globe. As one of the largest logistics providers operating at full capacity within the Wuhan province and other locations in China, JD Logistics provides extensive on-the-ground expertise and infrastructure to make these shipments happen in the quickest timeframe possible.

To take advantage of this exclusive offer, please fill out the form and a JD Logistics representative will contact you to discuss available service options and pricing.

Thank you for your interest. Complete the form below to have JD Logistics reach out to you directly: