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Day 4 of LLamaCon: Recap

By LLamasoft Editorial Team  June 19, 2020

Day 4 of LLamaCon: Recap

Happy Hour, On-Demand Content and Highlights from the Week

Day 4 of LLamaCon marked the conclusion of this year’s virtual event, with attendees sharing one last networking experience as they celebrated a successful week of customer presentations, keynotes, live panels, session demos and much more.

To say that LLamaCon 2020 did not unfold as originally planned is an understatement. Instead of gathering for an in-person event in sunny South Beach, Florida, the event took place in a completely virtual online setting, with that transition happening just months before the physical event was scheduled to take place.

However, this ultimately allowed LLamaCon to host its largest event to date, with over 3,000 attendees registering for and accessing event content throughout the week!

The week brought together industry leaders from some of the world’s largest global brands to share their insights on topics of AI in the supply chain, Risk & Resiliency in the wake of COVID-19, using data & decisioning for constructing a digital twin as well as using demand to sharpen future decision-making.


Friday’s Happy Hour served as the culmination of LLamaCon NOW’s 2020 virtual event. Event speakers, presenters and attendees all gathered for one last toast to LLamaCon NOW.


Did you miss a live session or panel? Don’t worry! Beginning Friday, June 19, all content from the LLamaCon NOW’s 35+ individual sessions will be available on-demand and accessible on the LLamaCon event site until Friday, July 31.


Daily Recaps which include highlights from each day throughout the event are available on LLamasoft’s website:

LLamasoft and the LLamaCon Team would like to thank all of the keynotes, presenters, session hosts, contributors and attendees for another phenomenal year of content, networking and collaboration!

Until LLamaCon 2021.

-The LLamaCon Team