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LLamaCon’s Partner Day Highlight: Alignment in Strategies and Product Use

By LLamasoft Editorial Team  June 19, 2019

LLamasoft’s LLamaCon 2019 kicked off with its Second Annual Partner Day on Tuesday, June 18 at Marriott Magnificent Mile in Chicago. The event, which saw a record in attendance, is designed to empower LLamasoft’s partners around the world to help customers get the most out of their supply chain solutions.

“LLamasoft has been putting on LLamaCon events now for several years and it’s a great annual event to meet and reconnect with a lot of our customers and our partners,” said LLamasoft’s CEO Razat Gaurav. Partner Day is about aligning the partners LLamasoft works with on strategies and products to refresh and update them on the roadmap and discuss the training and certification materials being built for them to leverage, said Gaurav.

Partner Day also provides insight into how the partners are using LLamasoft products. “It’s also a great opportunity to learn about what various customers are doing with our products. I really enjoy learning about how our products are actually getting used in the field through the case studies that get presented by customers,” Gaurav said. “To me, that’s always a big highlight.”

LLamasoft’s Vice President of Alliances Paul Applegate added, “It’s not often times you get complete alignment that’s visible to the outside world. [Gaurav’s] message was consistent with our partners about how important they are and what we’re willing to do to support them.”

The partners in attendance are excited and eager to learn more about LLamasoft products to elevate their supply chains. “I think for a lot of our partners, they’ve worked with us for a long time in a certain capacity and there’s a lot of excitement to do more with us as we have new functionally and new use cases for technology,” said LLamasoft’s Director of Alliances Heidi Albers. “They’re excited to see what they can do with what we’re doing moving forward.”

This year, LLamasoft has acknowledged its top performing partners. In North America, they’ve awarded Bain & Company and Miebach Consulting as its top consulting partners. In Latin America, the company awarded 7D Analytics Tecnologia, a partner in Brazil. “Partners play an extremely important role in the LLamasoft ecosystem and are critical in our endeavor to create value for our customers,” Gaurav said.

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