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LLamasoft Adds New Transplace, Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium and Xeneta Reference Data for Strategic Supply Chain Modeling Use

August 26, 2015

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (August 26, 2015) – Today LLamasoft, the global leader in supply chain design software solutions, announced partnerships with three influential supply chain companies to provide increasingly detailed data to its modeling customers.

Transplace, a 3PL and supply chain technology company and long-term LLamasoft partner, increased engagement with LLamasoft customers by providing intra-Mexico benchmark truckload rate data. This highly sought-after data complements the data already available for Mexico-to-USA truckload rates and intra-USA truckload rates.

Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium is a leader in supply chain management benchmarking and best practices. The consortium now supplies LLamasoft with a sampling of its vast database including metrics around freight spend, sourcing, inventory turns and distribution center operations.

Xeneta, an online sea freight intelligence platform, now provides LLamasoft with benchmark port-to-port ocean service contract rates, information that is highly sought-after and difficult to gather. LLamasoft will continue to offer an ocean tariff module as part of their standard Data Services subscription but this additional data will only be offered in the LLamasoft Data Services premium subscription package.

These partnerships will provide LLamasoft customers with additional resources from which to draw valuable global reference data for use in supply chain modeling.

“Data gaps continue to be one of the biggest obstacles to successful supply chain design initiatives,” said LLamasoft president and CEO Donald Hicks. “Partnering with Transplace, Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium and Xeneta is part of our continuing effort to help make supply chain modeling faster and more impactful for businesses around the world.”

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