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LLamasoft Announces Breakthrough in Transportation Route Design Technology

June 18, 2012

June 18th, 2012

LLamasoft, the leader in supply chain design technology, today announced the commercial release of its new Transportation Guru™Route Design technology, further expanding their Supply Chain Design platform.

This new Transportation Guru™ Route Design module will be available as a completely integrated extension to LLamasoft’s Supply Chain Guru® application.  This breakthrough in design technology enables users to analyze and optimize routes for existing networks, as well as completely new networks.  Furthermore, analysts for the first time can accurately predict the service rates of detailed routes using a stochastic simulation.  The new optimization and simulation algorithms are fully integrated into the existing platform bringing immediate capabilities to existing customers.

This functionality has already been deployed in dozens of LLamasoft client projects including the design of public health networks throughout Africa, CPG delivery networks in China, automotive service parts delivery in the U.S. and Canada, frozen food distribution throughout Europe, and beverage route planning in Brazil.

“This solution is truly unique and one that transportation analysts have been requesting for years,” stated LLamasoft CEO, Don Hicks.  “When designing the supply chain and evaluating new facility locations, new customers, or new products, it is not enough to hope that the logistics team or the 3PL will simply ‘make it work’. It is critical that designers accurately determine the actual asset requirements, transportation costs, and service impacts of the design.  This new functionality will help ensure that designs are not only optimal, but also implementation-ready.”

Features and benefits of this new module include:

  • Optimization of inbound and outbound transportation routes, consolidating loads and creating the lowest cost multi-stop deliveries based on available assets and shipment constraints
  • Creation of the best periodic shipment schedules
  • Visibility into driver and transportation asset utilization for each route and throughout the entire network
  • Integration of Network Optimization and Route Optimization, enabling users to design routes for both existing and “theoretical” supply chains
  • Ability to simulate routes to get an accurate representation of drive times, utilization, and service levels

The Transportation Route Optimization module is now commercially available as part of the new Supply Chain Guru Version 7.1 product release.

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