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LLamasoft Announces Major Advances in Multi-Stop Route Optimization for Minimized Transportation System Costs

June 4, 2014

Transportation Guru 8.1 Features Continuous Moves Optimization, Periodic Shipment Balancing and Scheduling and Fleet Optimization
ANN ARBOR, MI (June 03, 2014) – LLamasoft, the global leader in supply chain design software solutions, announces significant technology and usability enhancements in the 8.1 release of Transportation Guru transportation network design software. Transportation Guru is the only application that enables designers to integrate supply chain network design and transportation routing. Newly-added capabilities give LLamasoft customers more ways to continuously improve the end-to-end transportation network and minimize transportation system costs.

  • Fleet Optimization balances optimizing fleet size with identifying efficient multi-stop vehicle routes, maximizing utilization. By considering asset costs and location as part of the objective function, this breakthrough algorithm creates multi-stop routes with the right fleet mix.
  • Continuous Moves Interleaved Shipments enables designers to plan interleaved pick-ups and drop-offs within cohesive routes while considering right-sizing the fleet and mode selection. Transportation Guru will identify if a shipment should be fulfilled via multi-stop route or via direct shipment (LTL, parcel, etc.) with mode selection technology. If the shipment will be fulfilled via multi-stop routing, the algorithm will determine which asset it should ship with. This reduces overall transportation system cost by right-sizing the fleet and determining optimal interleaved multi-stop routes while considering direct shipment costs.
  • Periodic Shipment Balancing and Scheduling creates routes using daily shipment data to balance and schedule deliveries/pickups across a time period. This enables planners to determine a schedule for multi-stop vehicle routes to minimize costs while adhering to delivery frequency and scheduling requirements.

“After a rigorous evaluation of several supply chain modeling applications, we chose LLamasoft for its impressive performance across product functionality, ease of use and customer service,” said David Raymond, Vice President of Operations Transformation at Wayfair. “Not only does Transportation Guru integrate network optimization and vehicle route optimization, but it will also simplify our data input and output analysis, enabling us to quickly identify opportunities for freight savings in our supply chain.”

“LLamasoft invests two to three times the industry average on product research and development in order to bring continuous technology innovation to our customers,” noted Toby Brzoznowski, Executive Vice President of LLamasoft. “These newest Transportation Guru capabilities further differentiate LLamasoft as the most complete supply chain design platform on the market today and bring real value to our clients and business partners.”

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