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LLamasoft Awards Our Partner Ecosystem

By Paul Applegate  July 16, 2019

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

The pace of modern life frequently means that we sometimes move too quickly to see the small but very important steps we are taking together.

We recently took a moment to celebrate and award partner success during our global LLamaCon event in Chicago and at a handful of regional events. Each session provided the opportunity to acknowledge the value LLamasoft’s partners deliver to our joint customers. As LLamasoft continues to grow we will increasingly rely on our talented partner ecosystem to deliver innovative, high-quality offerings.

Without further ado, let’s introduce our award winners.

North American Co-partners of the Year: Bain & Company and Miebach Consulting

Both Bain & Company and Miebach Consulting have demonstrated their ability to go above and beyond in their willingness not only invest in LLamasoft’s next generation solutions but also in helping their clients maximize the value of their LLamasoft investment.

Bain & Company

“We are looking beyond traditional models to drive business results. You can’t separate people from the software – it’s all working together.” –Jason Lee, Bain & Company

Bain & Company is a global management strategy firm that helps clients worldwide across multiple industries and functional capabilities to improve operational efficiencies, decrease costs and improve revenues. More and more, their clients are asking them to solve different problems such as where to make big investments, how to get more out of marketing and digital or how to add more flexibility into the supply chain to adapt and build new capabilities within a company.

Miebach Consulting


“As we get into repetitive analytics, using the LLamasoft platform to have a digital twin of that supply chain allows us to expand use cases to see things more holistically.” –Nick Bannich, Miebach Consulting

Miebach Consulting is a global supply chain-focused engineering firm that designs and implements state of the art supply chains. Within its three practice areas, Miebach supports an engineering group that looks within the four walls of the plant or distribution center, the operational excellence team and the supply chain transformation team where the LLamasoft practice resides.

Latin American Partner of the Year: 7D Analytics

“LLamasoft solutions can address a great part of the complex challenges we have in Supply Chain. When the company can see all the important issues covered together at the same place, it makes the decision-making process easier.” – Ricardo Taborda, 7D Analytics

LLamasoft awarded 7D Analytics as the Latin American region partner of year. 7D Analytics specializes in improving clients’ decision making using the best technologies and mathematical techniques suited to the business context. Their experience covers the elaboration of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive models for many natural, social and economic phenomena; and mathematical optimization applied to business, such as supply chain design and management, network design, product portfolio and inventory optimization.

EMEA Reseller of the Year: KORUS Consulting

“We will continue to deliver the highest standards of work to our customers, helping them leverage LLamasoft solutions to solve complex problems and reduce costs in the supply chain.” – Dmitry Krasilov, KORUS Consulting

KORUS Consulting is a Russian system integrator that provides services for implementation of information systems, IT outsourcing and IT infrastructure development. A strategic partner with LLamasoft since 2017, KORUS Consulting completed several large projects using LLamasoft technology in the oil and gas, manufacturing, retail and distribution and e-commerce industries.

Again, congratulations to all our partners across the globe who deliver innovative solutions to realize sustainable supply chain value for their customers. Help us celebrate their success by liking this post on our LinkedIn page!