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LLamasoft Co-Hosts Latin American Supply Chain Event

November 16, 2011

November 16th, 2011

Ann Arbor, MI – Over 90 senior business executives from Latin America met this week in Mexico to discuss supply chain optimization, simulation and design, including an executive from Kellogg Company in Mexico, who presented Kellogg’s experiences using LLamasoft’s Supply Chain Guru® product to optimize its supply chain.

Because the flow of material from suppliers through manufacturing, and then to consumers, represents such a significant expense for global companies, the last 10 years has seen an increase in supply chain redesign and optimization.

By using Supply Chain Guru to model the supply chain and run alternative scenarios, companies are able optimize their end-to-end supply chain network to achieve new levels of service, cost reductions, and risk mitigation. These supply chain optimizations can reduce costs by as much as 10-20%.

“Supply chain design is becoming a strategic initiative for companies competing in the global market,” said Carlos Andres Valderrama, LLamasoft’s Managing Director of Latin America. “We’re proud that our products and services are so pervasive in Latin America and the rest of the world.”

The event was co-hosted by longtime LLamasoft consulting partner, IDOM, and was held during Council of Supply Chain Management Professional’s (CSCMP) monthly round table in Mexico.

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