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LLamasoft Expands Supply Chain Design Training and Coaching Offerings

November 10, 2015

Ann Arbor, Mich. (November 10, 2015) – LLamasoft, the global leader in supply chain design software solutions, has expanded its supply chain modeling training and coaching offerings to help customers foster internal design competency, leading to more rapid business impact. The LLamasoft supply chain design platform is used by large businesses around the world to model and test potential supply chain changes for significant improvements in cost, service and risk.

While LLamasoft software is designed to be intuitive, product training is required for all designers to learn basic model building and analysis skills. Advanced training is also available to help designers further expand their expertise in the software and continue on a path of career advancement. LLamasoft has recently expanded its training course offerings with guided learning tracks for:

  • Foundational supply chain design
  • Network optimization
  • Inventory optimization
  • Transportation optimization

LLamasoft also offers executive-level supply chain design workshops to help businesses identify, prioritize and scope design projects, as well as project coaching for new designers embarking on their first project or when utilizing new modeling technologies for the first time. LLamasoft can deploy an individual or team of supply chain design experts to coach, teach and mentor the organization through the project—from goal-setting to presenting results.

More than 600 customers have taken training so far in 2015. Customers can attend a LLamasoft public training course in many LLamasoft locations around the world, or bring LLamasoft experts to their own facility.

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