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LLamasoft Honored as GM Supplier of the Year

By Toby Brzoznowski  May 9, 2018

As some of you may have seen, LLamasoft was recently named a GM Supplier of the Year for 2017. The award was presented to LLamasoft by General Motors during its 26th annual Supplier of the Year awards ceremony, held Friday, April 20 in Orlando, Florida.

I was lucky enough to attend this special event along with LLamasoft’s Customer Success Manager, Bill Kincaid, who has been working with GM since they first started using our software back in 2014.

Brzoznowski and Kincaid at the awards in Orlando on April 20.

For context, GM’s Supplier of the Year award is reserved for suppliers who distinguish themselves by meeting performance metrics for quality, execution, innovation, and total enterprise cost. Award winners represent companies who provide products and services to General Motors in the areas of vehicle components, supply chain and logistics, customer care and aftersales, and indirect services.

Of all the great suppliers recognized this year, I noticed that LLamasoft is somewhat unique.  You see, most GM suppliers are providing a very tangible product or service, such as the manufacture and delivery of auto parts which are used in the assembly of vehicles. These suppliers are measured using very clear metrics such as on-time availability of parts and quality of production (i.e. on time with zero defects).

As a developer of supply chain modeling, analytics and design software, we don’t supply a physical product.  Instead, we supply people who manage large global supply chains with a means to create digital models of their end-to-end operations — enabling them to experiment with new ideas, test changes in structure, evaluate new policies, and hopefully identify ways to reduce their cost or improve their service.

We enable people to make better decisions about their supply chain design.

To measure the quality of the “decision support” that we supply, our customers must act on these decisions, implement the changes that they’ve identified, and monitor the supply chain to validate the results. This often takes time and is typically more complex because results than simply counting the number of times an order is filled or the percentage of parts that fall within a quality spec (typical Supplier of the Year metrics).

Even though I’m very proud of the technology we develop and the support we provide (these LLamasoft team members deserve their own blog entry), it is important to acknowledge that the quality and talent of the people using our software often plays a major role in delivering business results and value. To this point, I want to highlight that the General Motors supply chain analytics team, their management, and the entire organization is among the best we support.

LLamasoft has over 650 customers across every industry and in every corner of the world, and I can state with confidence that GM’s supply chain design and analytics group could hold their own versus any of these companies. Because their entire organization focuses on continuous analysis and improvement of their supply chain operations, they have been able get the most out of our software — and in turn, deliver tens of millions in annual cost savings and major operational improvements throughout the company. They also constantly ask us for suggestions on what they can do next or where they can improve.

This is the type of business partnership that all suppliers desire. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve General Motors and we are honored to be considered one of their Suppliers of the Year.