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October 8, 2020

LLamasoft joins forces with the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition to shed light on testing access

The availability and accessibility of wide-spread testing is a crucial component of our ability to fight and track the spread of COVID-19.

As part of the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition, LLamasoft helped develop the “COVID-19 Test Equity Dashboard” which is being used by healthcare administrators, public health officials, and medical providers to help inform the positioning of sample collection sites to help ensure that vulnerable communities receive the resources they need. The data collected in the dashboard provides a visualization of county-level vulnerability, COVID-19 disease spread, and showcases all current locations of sample collection sites.

LLamasoft’s Neelima Ramaraju, Senior Director of Global Impact, was proud to be a part of this initiative and hopes that impact of the data proves to be a resource that saves lives all across the country.

"The ability to visualize key factors together and make a rapid data-drive decision is crucial to the varied stakeholders combating the spread of COVID-19. We are proud to use the power of technology and be a small part of this effort," said Ramaraju.

View the COVID-19 Test Equity Dashboard and learn more about the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition below.
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