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LLamasoft Live from CSCMP

By Ginger Stegmier  September 30, 2015

This week the LLamasoft team headed to sunny California to participate in the CSCMP Annual Global Conference in San Diego. The conference wraps up today after busy start over the weekend. When participants weren’t hitching a ride on the LLamasoft pedicabs, the LLama team was happy to meet with attendees in the booth and present several sessions.

The pedicabs were a hit and a lot of fun.

The pedicabs were a hit and a lot of fun.


Fun for everyone!

Fun for everyone!


Maybe too much fun.

Maybe too much fun.


Booth 903 was abuzz with demos of LLamasoft tech and people stopping by to chat about yesterday’s big announcement with Goldman Sachs.


Director of the LLamasoft Alliance Program, Jason Brewer, co-presented on a panel titled “Network Design: How Do I Achieve an Optimal Network” on Monday, September 28. Brewer, along with representatives from Benjamin Moore and Sedlak discussed what elements are most critical to design the most effective supply chain network. They also focused on the increasing desire for organizations to consider real estate as a cost factor when modeling. The panelists agreed that repeatability is a key enabler of success when designing your network.

The LLamasoft Recruiting Team, including Lily LLama, were on-site to share news about the wealth of open career opportunities with LLamasoft.


On Tuesday, September 29 Senior Vice President of Customer Success LLamasoft John Ames along with Hillary Grosskopf, Logistics Strategic Planning Manager for Urban Outfitters and Earl Davis, Director of Retail Supply Chain for Cabela’s, participated in a panel discussion on “Leveraging Supply Chain Design as an Omni-Channel Strategy.” They shared challenges and best practices about managing a global supply chain across channels. Davis noted that instead of having four distribution centers, now all 76 or their stores serve that function. He also noted that things are moving through the network faster than ever. Cabela’s used to use to treat inbound and retail freight separately but now with a dedicated fleet making regular scheduled stops they can deliver as well as pickup backhaul for less than they could before on pre-pay. They can also drop ship for some items rather than carry that inventory in-store. All of these adjustments have resulted is $15 million in transportation savings to-date.

Grosskopf  noted that with big data in omni-channel, there is more available info than ever before but in order to use it organizations need data analysts and analytics tools to see what’s going on and be responsive. She cited the use of tools like Data Guru to be a growing trend and business necessity for retailers going forward.

While the term “omni-channel” has garnered a lot of buzz over the past few years, Ames reflected a sentiment of many retailers today, “Omni-channel isn’t a type of retail; it is retail.”


Urban Outfitters, Cabela’s and LLamasoft share insights about omni-channel supply chains.

Also on Tuesday, September 29, LLamasoft Executive Vice President Toby Brzoznowski presented with LLamasoft customer Stephen Wagner, Global Director of Network Modeling and Data Analytics for Schneider Electric. In the session titled, “Building a Global Supply Chain Modeling Initiative to Help Your Business Thrive,” Brzoznowski noted that the benefits of supply chain design fall into one of four buckets: visualization, validation, optimization and rapid response. With 250 plants, 90,000-plus suppliers and 100 ERP systems, the Schneider Electric network is complex and as Wagner describes “it’s a huge amount to get our arms around.” Supply chain modeling and a centralized design platform is essential for them and has been a key cost savings measure. Wagner noted that the organization is aiming to save $1 billion dollars over the course of three years by utilizing supply chain design. The company is on track as they’ve saved upwards of $150 million to-date.

Wagner also mentioned the importance of data but both he and Brzoznowski encouraged not to get bogged down in every data point but to just get started in the model. Additionally, Wagner stressed the value of cross-functional teams as supply chain touches distribution, operations, purchasing and more. By creating open lines of communication and centralized goals, the positive results can be more widespread.


Brzoznowski and Wagner discuss Schneider Electric’s use of supply chain modeling.

The largest annual supply chain conference in North America, the CSCMP Annual Global Conference provides a great forum for discussions on what’s on the horizon for supply chain and this year was no different. Thank you to everyone who spent some time with LLamasoft at the conference! To find out where our team will be next, visit the LLamasoft Events page.