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LLamasoft Partners With Automatic Forecasting Systems (AFS)

May 8, 2014

AFS Autobox Demand Planning and Forecasting Software Available to LLamasoft Customers

ANN ARBOR, Mich.–(May 8, 2014)–LLamasoft, the global leader in supply chain design software solutions, has partnered with Automatic Forecasting Systems (AFS) to provide AFS’s Autobox demand planning and forecasting technology to LLamasoft customers for use in strategic supply chain modeling. AFS has focused on ways to elicit information from data, sometimes referred to as “detecting signal from noise” in time series data to provide a better forecast and insight.

Autobox is AFS’s flagship product and has provided leading-edge desktop forecasting for 38 years. Autobox provides a start-to-finish environment designed to simplify forecasting. LLamasoft will make the Autobox forecasting tool available to its supply chain design customers as an optional capability to support and enhance supply chain modeling projects.

“We are extremely excited to align ourselves with LLamasoft as it will be a combination of two best-of-breed solutions,” said Tom Reilly, CEO of Automatic Forecasting Systems. “LLamasoft understands the value that Autobox offers. They are a proven force in the supply chain world and we couldn’t have chosen a better partner.”

“LLamasoft is proud to partner with AFS, a company with an extensive history and strong reputation in forecasting technology,” added LLamasoft founder, CEO and President Don Hicks. “With Autobox, LLamasoft customers have a new capability to improve the accuracy and relevance of strategic modeling and help them better predict future-state supply chains.”

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