LLamasoft Platform Built on AWS

Together, LLamasoft Technology and AWS cloud services power mission-critical decisioning that drives the importance, strategy and insights an intelligent supply chain delivers from the desks of the modelers, to warehouse managers and into the executive board room. From creating a “digital twin” that mirrors your enterprise system to test what-if scenarios in a risk-free environment, to building repeatable micro-apps that organizations can share across the enterprise, LLamasoft underpinned by AWS cloud infrastructure, confidently supports customer’s computing needs to solve mission critical problems through better decision making.

Digital Twin

How AWS cloud services support LLamasoft

The collaboration and democratization capabilities offered by LLamasoft relies on AWS cloud services for sharing across the enterprise and delivering on the potential of a digital twin. Here are a few scenarios that illustrate the interconnected decisioning by LLamasoft:

Defragment the supply chain

The supply chain is incredibly fragmented. The lack of connectivity introduces all kinds of decision problems and disconnects that make it more complex to get true end-to-end visibility.  Creating a way for interconnected decisions means that when you make changes to your warehouses, your transportation team know how to respond; and when you perform a supplier bid, your inbound team knows quickly.

Bring the route and the warehouse together

Strategically integrate your route planning with your warehouse operations.  Organizations can seamlessly transition from optimizing routes, to defining the picks in the warehouse, to taking feedback from those picks and reformulating new asset-optimized routes.  Even more, put these responsive tools directly into the execution teams’ hands to democratize insights and substantially reduce the lag time to capitalize on intelligence.

Prioritize customers during plant maintenance window

Provide customer account managers direct insights into plant proposed plan maintenance window. With that, they can consider multiple options and best identify which customer orders to pull up, which ones to push out, and how to strategically leverage the portfolio or external support contracts to get through the proposed down time.  When all functional teams collaborate via tools designed to empower day-to-day execution, organizations get the best enterprise-level solutions.

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