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LLamasoft Unveils New Cloud-Based Application for Their Supply Chain Design Platform

June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012

Ann Arbor, MI – LLamasoft today unveiled the K2 Cloud Solver, a major breakthrough in Supply Chain Design technology.  LLamasoft’s CEO Don Hicks introduced the new application to a group of over 250 Supply Chain Design professionals at SummerCon 2012, the annual conference on Supply Chain Design in Ann Arbor, MI.

K2 Cloud Solver is the first in a series of new applications built on LLamasoft’s new K2 Cloud™ platform. Fully integrated with Supply Chain Guru®, the K2 Cloud Solver was built to give supply chain analysts access to world-class scalability on-demand, directly from their Supply Chain Design work environment.  Using the K2 Cloud Solver, analysts can:

  • Analyze enterprise-scale supply chain models without having to scale their own internal IT environment
  • Evaluate dozens or even hundreds of scenarios quickly and in parallel, drastically reducing run-times by 100% or more
  • Perform true multi-objective analysis and risk analysis across a nearly unlimited set of sensitivity variables without concern about performance degradation
  • Free up personal laptops and workstations to perform other tasks, getting simple automated alerts when the results are available for review

“With this breakthrough, LLamasoft is delivering a mountain of capabilities to supply chain modelers and analysts,” stated LLamasoft CEO Don Hicks. “Models can be bigger, solve faster, and multiple scenarios can be run in parallel — even after you turn off your computer. This is a new capability that changes the game for supply chain and network design.

The K2 Cloud Solver is now available as part of the new Supply Chain Guru Version 7.1 product release. 

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