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LLamasoft’s Growth Fueled by Strong Supply Chain Design Demand

December 16, 2011

Ann Arbor, MI – Dec 21, 2011 – LLamasoft, the leader in supply chain design, continues to realize significant gains by posting a second consecutive year of greater than 80% revenue growth based on strong sales of its flagship product Supply Chain Guru®.

With volatility and rapid change as the new business norm, a company’s competitive position relies on its ability to model and design supply chains that are flexible, cost effective, risk-averse, and sustainable.  Supply Chain Guru has become the design application of choice to enable this critical business function.

Highlights of LLamasoft’s continued growth and industry leadership position include:

Global Support

In 2011, LLamasoft expanded its international footprint by opening Regional Support Centers in the United Kingdom, Latin America, China, and South Africa.  Each of these offices includes technical support, product management, and sales staff.

Customer Family

LLamasoft added over 50 new global customers in 2011 across a wide range of industries.  The company also hosted the first annual Summer Conference on Supply Chain Design, which drew over 100 business executives from 12 countries representing 60 companies from around the world.

Partner Network Expansion

LLamasoft’s growth strategy also relies on its partners, and this year the number of partner projects increased 120%, as the company expanded its global support for alliances in India, China, Europe, Brazil, Australia, and Africa. By the end of 2011, LLamasoft had trained over 100 new global consulting organizations on its supply chain design applications.


In its most ambitious software upgrade to date, Supply Chain Guru® version 7.0, LLamasoft adds significantly stronger capabilities to its already powerful feature set, so that supply chain analysts can optimize even the most complex supply chains and solve their organization’s most intricate problems.

Awards & Events

  • 2011 FastTrack Award – LLamasoft wins this prestigious award for high-growth companies for its fourth consecutive year.
  • 100 Great Supply Chain Partners of 2011 – SupplyChainBrain magazine selects LLamasoft as one of the top 100 companies that impact global companies.
  • Pros to Know – Supply and Demand Chain Executive magazine selects LLamasoft SVP Toby Brzoznowski as a supply chain thought leader
  • Industry thought leadership– LLamasoft presented supply chain design concepts at the following industry events:
    • CSCMP Annual Conference
    • Summer Conference on Supply Chain Design 2011
    • SCOPE East
    • SCOPE West
    • North American Supply Chain & Logistics Forums
    • Logistics & Supply Chain Forum
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