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April 2, 2020

Logistics Manager April edition: sustainability and risk management in the supply chain

This month's issue of Logistics Manager is a sustainability special, taking a look at how the coronavirus is impacting environmental approaches and how companies can improve.

"Optimally positioning inventory in consideration of demand densities, efficiently loading and routing trucks and taking advantage of back-haul opportunities are all tactics that logistics companies can and should implement," LLamasoft Group Vice President of Industry Strategy Madhav Durbha is quoted in the article.

Other topics include supply chain risk management and how companies can overcome challenges, stating, "Risk management is one of the four pillars of supply chain strategy, alongside collaboration, design, engineering and culture and agility."

"Organizations should build the predictive capabilities to test the robustness of their systems. Digital twins that model the physical interconnected supply networks are important to drive simulations that test the supply chains for a variety of risks," Durbha says. "AI algorithms also have a learning paradigm, thus making the assumptions and policies far more dynamic as the algorithms learn from the decisions executed and the results thereof and self-correct."

Read the full edition here.
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