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Logistics Optimization Software and Tools

By LLamasoft  January 16, 2016

Simplified Logistics Optimization and Simulation

In the past, network design initiatives were performed every one to three years to help a company realign its manufacturing and distribution center locations and minimize transportation costs. These logistics optimization projects could take four to six months or longer, and model accuracy was limited by the need to limit the number of products and sites.

Logistics Optimization: Supply chain design is now an essential and continuous process of evaluating strategic options that help a company navigate the volatile global marketplace. LLamasoft logistics optimization software offers multiple options for finding hidden inefficiencies in the supply chain and then applying best-practice analysis to eliminating them.

Logistics Simulation: Supply Chain Guru logistics software brings the power of optimization and simulation together in a unique software application. Supply Chain Guru enables you to understand the answers to ‘what if?’ questions, providing large operations with unprecedented capabilities to model, analyze, optimize and simulate their supply chain network operations.

Models contain SKU level detail, run across multiple time periods, and incorporate end-to-end supply chain components, including policies, network structure, and operations, so logistics simulation and optimization can be performed across the entire supply chain.

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