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Meet LLamasoft’s Customer Experience Team!

By LLamasoft  October 2, 2018

LLamasoft’s commitment to helping our customers solve complex problems has always been at the core of our culture – but we’re also dedicated to delivering excellent experiences through every interaction our customers have with our products, services, events, and people. It’s not enough only to offer fantastic solutions that meet your needs, but fantastic solutions that are simple and enjoyable as well.  LLamasoft’s Customer Experience Team is responsible for understanding your expectations throughout your LLamasoft journey and ensuring that we delight you as often as possible! Now, let’s meet our Customer Experience team!

Serena Riley, Senior Manager of Customer Experience

What Serena LLoves about our customers: Our customers, like us, are a unique breed. They’re intelligent and diligent individuals challenged daily with analyzing, designing and solving complex problems to keep their organizations competitive and sustainable. My hope is that our team is able to help release some of the burden they carry by ensuring every experience they have with LLamasoft fulfills their needs, is easy and enjoyable. We want to add the icing, sprinkles, and sparklers to their cake!

Kelsey Partin, Community Program Manager

What Kelsey LLoves about our customers: Our customers are some of the most curious and dedicated people I’ve worked with. They are always interested in learning new approaches and methods and constantly impress me with their creativity and new uses of our tools. They understand that when they share challenges and successes with others, they are building a community that pushes the envelope for design and decision-making, creating better experiences not just for their company but for all customers.

Annie Fricke, Community Events Coordinator

What Annie LLoves about our customers: I love how enthusiastic and engaged our customers are! They have been especially helpful in offering valuable insight on how to grow our LLamasoft Customer Community. Recently, we have added training days on to a couple of our regional events and started up a LLamasoft Community LinkedIn Group because of feedback we received from our customers.

Mallory Elias, Customer Experience Analyst

What Mallory LLoves about our customers: As a brand new employee, I’m pumped to help the herd process customer feedback and create action plans to improve everyone’s experience. I really admire the dedication of the customers and employees to bettering the entire LLamasoft community. I’m confident the new CX team will create tons of new opportunities for all voices to be ‘herd’.

Have comments or suggestions on how we can improve your experiences? Please email: cx@llamasoft.com.