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Meet Two Female Leaders on LLamasoft’s Engineering Team

By LLamasoft Editorial Team  March 21, 2019

Meet the two women at LLamasoft who are making a difference in and outside of work to encourage more women to pursue STEM educations and careers! LLamasoft is proud to share their inspiring perspectives on the state of women in tech, and encourage anyone who is considering a career in STEM to follow their dreams. Diverse teams create diverse and innovative ideas. The more unique perspectives that are brought to the table – the more cutting-edge and impactful technology can be. Keep reading to learn more about Allison and Laurie, and get inspired to create the next diverse generation of STEM leaders!

Allison Lanager – Software Development Manager

How do you implement a big idea? What are the details and requirements that go into building digital database platforms for supply chain and decisioning? Luckily, for the rest of the world, that’s what Allison Lanager does at LLamasoft. She uses her many years of software development experience, along with her Masters in Computer Science from Florida International to take a big idea and make it possible.

Laurie Tuschen – Technical Product Management Manager

When you work at a software company, your products need to be managed by tech-savvy engineers. These engineers need to come together to bring to life the wants and needs of the customers. That’s where Laurie comes in…and then some. She creates the roadmaps for our products (particularly Supply Chain Guru), and figures out the technical requirements to meet the complex needs of our customers. Her years of experience as a supply chain software user combined with her experience in software development make her a great fit for her critical role within LLamasoft.

Building a Foundation for Women in STEM

Not only are these women incredibly talented and knowledgeable, but they are also working to build a future generation of women in STEM careers. Laurie leads the WiLL Engineering Group at LLamasoft and regularly presents to women in engineer programs. She is also working to make a difference within her own home. She recognized in her two daughters that she felt they had to “decide” at a young age if they were good at math. She believes in the past, young girls were less encouraged than boys to pursue their interests in math, and it contributed to the lack of females in STEM careers, which leads to a lack of role models. This creates a cyclical effect that can create additional barriers for women in STEM careers. However, Laurie believes this is changing as she noted there are just as many girls as there are boys in her daughters’ after-school STEM program. (YAY!)

Allison was only one of two women as she got her Bachelor’s in computer science, and there were no women when she got her masters. That did not stop nor phase her! Allison is looking to build the next wave of female engineers by taking time out of her busy schedule to attend career fairs, and give advice to students while they are still in school. She feels women in engineering aren’t given enough opportunity to create the diverse viewpoint needed within engineering teams to make better solutions. She would like to provide the up-and-coming engineers (not just females) with actionable ways they can make themselves more desirable to employers, and more productive members within a team.

The great news is…These are some of the women at LLamasoft, and we want more to join! We care about our customers and want as many diverse perspectives within our team to create world-class solutions. Here is a list of job openings available at LLamasoft!