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August 27, 2020

Supply Chain Decision Making and Design in Times of Disruption with Llamasoft CEO, Razat Gaurav

During a recent episode of the Supply Chain Frontiers podcast, produced by MIT’s Center for Transportation & Logistics, LLamasoft CEO, Razat Gaurav, joins Matthias Winkenbach, Director, MIT Computational and Visual Education (CAVE) Lab, for a 30-minute discussion that closely explores the future of supply chain decision making.

How can we create tools with data-heavy, algorithmic foundations but present them in a way that will guide non-technical leaders and users toward smarter, more agile decisions?

Is it possible to mitigate “single points of failure” and how do you maintain the delicate balance of optionality vs. cost savings vs. risk?

Is it enough to establish “nodes, flows, and policies” once a year? How can artificial intelligence support these short-and long-term decisions?

Listen to the podcast below.
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