Executive Supply Chain Decision Workshop

Beginning Fall 2020

LLamasoft and the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL) are collaborating to offer a unique executive development experience combining world-leading research, unrivaled expertise, and a unique forum for exchanging knowledge.

Whether attending a single- or multi-day session with senior executives from other companies, or hosting a session tailored specifically for executives from your organization, LLamasoft/MIT Executive workshops provide access to MIT CTL’s pioneering research on decision-making frameworks and data-driven tools that support complex supply chain management challenges, such as:

  • Planning amidst uncertainty
  • Designing appropriate risk mitigation and resilience strategies for the future
  • Making analytics-based decisions throughout the organization

Guided sessions using MIT CTL’s Computational and Visual Education (CAVE) Lab provide immersive, hands-on experiences, where executives work in cross-functional teams using interactive visualization to analyze complex supply chain data to improve decision-making for supply chain and logistics challenges.

  • Engage in virtual sessions with other business executives or your executive team to learn new techniques to support the rapid, data-driven decision-making required today
  • Take away new insights from MIT CTL pioneering research, integrating artificial intelligence, organizational and cognitive sciences around new supply chain design paradigms, that establish novel, cross-functional supply chain planning frameworks focused on value-creation and agility
  • Explore how to engage multiple stakeholders, including C-level executives, in a continuous design process aligned with corporate strategy

Join our executive supply chain decision-making experience, and be a positive change agent for your organization. We are certain that it will provide great value for you, your peers, and your organization.

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