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Network Optimization is a Proven and Powerful Technique

February 1, 2011

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Network Optimization is a proven and powerful technique for determining the optimal structure of the supply chain network to minimize cost, maximize profit, or trade-off the various resources within the supply chain network to achieve your strategic objectives.

Spinnaker leverages Supply Chain Guru® by LLamasoft to provide supply chain modeling and optimization service for our clients. LLamasoft is a proven leader in supply chain modeling and analytics software. Every year, companies save millions of dollars and significantly improve their supply chain service levels using LLamasoft products.

LLamasoft brings the power of optimization and simulation together in a unique software application developed to provide users with unprecedented capabilities to model, analyze, optimize, and simulate their supply chain network operations. Supply Chain Guru® fully integrates Network Optimization and Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization, enabling you to optimize network structure and inventory policy on the same model. Additionally you can test your solutions using the built-in Enterprise Simulation capability and deploy your solution with confidence.

For companies who have deployed SAP, LLamasoft’s certified integration with SAP automates and streamlines the modeling and analysis process, giving analysts direct access to key master data and historical transactions, and enabling true Integrated Business Planning.

With Spinnaker leading the way, we shift the focus of your project from technical modeling and programming to understanding your supply chain issues, finding solutions, and developing the strategies to drive world-class performance in your supply chain. Unlock a strategic advantage for your company with the combined power of Spinnaker and Supply Chain Guru®.

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