Network Strategy

Use your supply chain as a competitive weapon to deliver market and customer experience innovation


Many supply chain networks evolve from individual decisions made over time to satisfy needs. These siloed decisions create inefficiencies that compound. Infrastructure changes are costly to reimage but can drive costs down and improve customer experience. The challenge is diagnosing your supply chain’s current state then identifying and making a case for changes that ensure your facilities are sized right and in the best locations. This enables companies to meet customer demands at the lowest cost for the desired service level.


The platform provides end-to-end supply chain perspective to quickly pinpoint inefficiencies to offer solutions to create the network you want. Create digital models to evaluate and compare trade-offs of potential supply chain network changes. By modeling in a no-risk environment, you can make high-stakes capital expense decisions with confidence. Use network optimization tools to determine use cases for existing or new infrastructure and develop strategies to launch new products and position inventory in the supply chain. Understand the impact of entering and exiting new markets by developing a comprehensive plan to ensure the right capacity and capabilities to deliver effective support. Empower your business strategy with in-depth, comprehensive information to get better outcomes quicker.

  • Determine the optimal number of facilities and locations to meet customer demand and use your existing network or start a greenfield evaluation
  • Understand the costs and constraints of your existing network and new facilities
  • Evaluate network capacity and determine a long-term strategy for facility location and sizing, using different demand projections
  • Make data-backed facility rationalization and close decisions by evaluating labor, facility and transportation trade-offs

Design the supply chain you want and need now and as customer expectation and market conditions continue to change. is an AI-enabled enterprise decision platform built exclusively for analysis of the extended supply chain.  It combines three key analytics capabilities into a single platform to accelerate the speed and quality of business decisions with advanced, in-context analytics that span the breadth and depth of the extended supply chain and its specific functions. highlights operational trends, patterns and trade-offs through a centrally accessible supply chain digital twin that continuously pulls and prepares data from the comprehensive supply chain ecosystem.

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