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Accurate, timely information is the first step to quantifying and understanding the potential disruption as businesses work to keep their operations running through this unpredictable and fast-changing event. The LLamasoft COVID-19 Newsfeed delivers real-time visibility to vital information to help enterprises stay informed of new developments as they occur. Built on the llama.ai platform, the app is available for free to anyone with a valid business email address. It provides users: 

  • A single, customized source of information: Rapidly quantify risk exposure through a customized dashboard that aggregates business-relevant information from authoritative global healthcare, news, government and finance sources 
  • Focus on industry-relevant data: Visualize impact on a global scale, by region or by country through an interactive map that identifies hotspots, outages and recovery rates 
  • Continuous enhancements: Ongoing enhancements to the number of features and information feeds ensure information remains timely, relevant and accurate as the situation continues to develop

Additionally, we would like to offer you access to our COVID-19 Response Center. Inside you’ll find useful information to help navigate your supply chain decisions including our Supply Chain Disruption Checklist.

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