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Nine of The Gartner 2019 Supply Chain Top 15 for Europe Have Optimised Supply Chains with LLamasoft

July 3, 2019

LLamasoft facilitates supply chain design and digital decisioning for Europe’s leading companies

Ann Arbor, Mich. and Towcester, UK (July 3, 2019) – LLamasoft, the leading provider of enterprise supply chain design and decision-making solutions, has supported supply chain optimisation initiatives for 60 percent of the European companies recognised as part of The Gartner 2019 Supply Chain Top 15 for Europe1. The annual Supply Chain Top 152 report identifies European supply chain leaders and highlights best practices for heads of supply chain and strategy organisations. According to the research report, “This research recognizes and showcases the best practices of Europe’s Top 15 company supply chains for 2019 in conjunction with Gartner’s Supply Chain Global Top 25 for 2019. Supply chain leaders should leverage this research to gain insights into, and be inspired by, Europe’s supply chain leaders.” Nine of the 15 companies listed in the 2019 report have utilised LLamasoft supply chain software. In addition, Unilever – the only European headquartered company to feature in Gartner’s Masters category for long term leaders – is also a LLamasoft customer.

“We believe that companies at the top of Gartner’s European Supply Chain rankings are prioritising business-led digital transformation to thrive and grow in times of fierce competition, change and uncertainty,” says Slimane Allab, General Manager and SVP of LLamasoft in Europe. “We further believe that digital twin technology facilitates this by allowing them to analyse and optimise highly complex global supply chains in a risk free digital environment to make real world decisions more confidently and quickly.”

LLamasoft’s innovative solution is proven to help the world’s largest and most complex businesses to rapidly identify opportunities for operational improvement, while significantly enhancing agility and velocity of decision making. Substantial improvements in operating cost, working capital, service levels, sustainability and risk mitigation are commonly reported by customers working with LLamasoft.

The companies named to The Gartner 2019 Supply Chain Top 15 for Europe are:

  1. Inditex
  2. Nestlé
  3. Schneider Electric
  4. Diageo
  5. L’Oréal
  6. H&M
  7. Novo Nordisk
  8. BASF
  9. Adidas
  10. AkzoNobel
  11. BMW
  12. British American Tobacco
  13. Nokia
  14. Roche Holding
  15. Danone
1 Gartner, Inc., 2019 Gartner Supply Chain Top 25: Europe Top 15 (report available to Gartner subscribers), Micheal Youssef, Christian Titze, Peter Schram, Published 18 June 2019.
2 Gartner Press Release, “Gartner Announces Rankings of the 2019 Supply Chain Top 15 for Europe”, 20 June 2019.

About the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25

The Supply Chain Top 25 rankings comprise two main components: business performance and opinion. Business performance in the form of public financial and CSR data provides a view into how companies have performed in the past, while the opinion component offers an eye to future potential and reflects leadership in the supply chain community. These two components are combined into a total composite score.

Gartner analysts derive a master list of companies from a combination of the Fortune Global 500 and the Forbes Global 2000. In an effort to maintain the list of companies evaluated at a manageable level, a general annual revenue threshold of $12 billion has been applied.


About LLamasoft, Inc.

Over 750 of the world’s most innovative companies rely on LLamasoft to answer their toughest supply chain questions. Powered by the most comprehensive set of supply chain analytics, LLamasoft technology helps business leaders design the supply chain they need to achieve their profitability, service, and growth goals. Breaking down the limitations of traditional planning and operational systems, LLamasoft creates a true end-to-end view of global supply chains to reveal the optimal design, assess trade-offs, and enable decisions across strategic, tactical and operational time horizons. LLamasoft customers have already identified more than $13B in value, and the same technology is being used to solve some of the most complex supply delivery problems in developing nations. Partnering with humanitarian organisations, government entities and as a member of the World Economic Forum, LLamasoft is on track to positively impact 100 million lives by 2022.

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