Omni-Channel Strategy

Reimagine your retail strategy to create exceptional customer experiences


The options for buying, shipping, receiving and returning retail goods have exploded, driving the need for a reimagined supply chain strategy across retail channels that encompass the entire buyer experience. Rethinking your overall retail strategy through the eyes of your customers adds complexity to the infrastructure that supports their increasingly high expectations. How do you evaluate all the network and policy changes to your supply chain that may be needed to support an omni-channel strategy – including understanding trade-offs across cost, service and margin?


With the platform, you can build digital supply chain models to test alternate omni-channel network configurations and predict resulting performance before implementing them in the real-world. Evaluate changes required across your physical supply chain network, inventory, transportation and service.

  • Optimize and rebalance inventory based on current service targets
  • Determine optimal network structure and strategy
  • Optimize the product flow for every SKU
  • Lower end-to-end distribution costs
  • Evaluate various delivery targets and mechanisms
  • Increase customer service

Have the power to design a reimaged retail experience to meet changing customer preferences. is an AI-enabled enterprise decision platform built exclusively for analysis of the extended supply chain.  It combines three key analytics capabilities into a single platform to accelerate the speed and quality of business decisions with advanced, in-context analytics that span the breadth and depth of the extended supply chain and its specific functions. highlights operational trends, patterns and trade-offs through a centrally accessible supply chain digital twin that continuously pulls and prepares data from the comprehensive supply chain ecosystem.

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