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Optimising Total landed Cost in Uncertain Times

By LLamasoft Editorial Team  January 21, 2021

Hear from partner Grant Thornton about the changing role of the finance function in the face of disruption

Even without the global disruption that COVID-19 introduced, business disruption has become more frequent. Battered by political changes, trade agreements, dangerous weather events, and supply chain breakdowns, occasional disruptions have become a series of disruptions that organizations must address with a strong foundational strategy. Finance teams have become critical to this strategic shift, as companies need to maintain tight control on costs as there is a huge amount of change going on in the market. It’s not just about keeping to the lowest cost, but instead the lowest cost with the flexibility to address what is next.

Listen to the recorded fireside chat with Head of Operational Consulting Oliver Bridge from Grant Thornton UK and supply chain expert Matt Woodcock from LLamasoft who discuss the details and examples around how companies manage disruption and break down silos to make the best decisions.