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Connecting the dots between enterprise data, supply chain domain expertise, technology and science for rapid decision-making.

Supply chain disruptions – whether they be from external forces, new innovations, or meeting customer expectations – are occurring more often, forcing businesses to adapt faster than ever before. In this new “never normal” world, decision makers often find themselves answering questions without full confidence that they’ve made the right choice.

App Studio bridges the gap between business expertise and science with purpose-built apps. Built on the enterprise decision platform, App Studio is a no-code environment that leverages data from across your supply chain planning and execution systems, enterprise data lake, and transactional records, as well as from external datapoints such as rates, duties and tariffs to create a comprehensive data foundation for supply chain decisions. Combined with LLamasoft’s deep algorithm library, App Studio extends critical information to your enterprise, allowing decision makers to respond quickly with confidence.

Supporting data-driven decision-making at all levels in your organization, apps put the power of algorithms into the hands of those who need it most. With purpose-built apps, your business users can see input data, run the model on demand, try a new scenario and interact with the visualization layer, enabling democratized decision-making and information sharing among relevant stakeholders across your enterprise.

The Value of App Studio

  • No-code development to deploy applications powered by LLamasoft’s advanced algorithms
  • Increase the productivity of data science teams by streamlining the development of user interfaces
  • Support enterprise deployment and management of personalized apps

App Studio OpenX

What about your data scientist team? No problem. As part of the platform,  App Studio  OpenX empowers data scientists to create production-ready, scalable, and reusable applications – without ever writing any code for the front-end interface or back-end database. Your data scientist team can bring their own algorithm or use LLamasoft’s algorithm library. By using open source technologies, such as Python and R, data scientists are not constrained by which algorithms to apply to solve the problem at hand. Any algorithm you can code, you can use on to build a purpose-built app. Apps can be quickly shared with the business users, enabling them to update data, change parameters, run the algorithm, and view the results in order to support enterprise decision-making.

The Value of App Studio OpenX

  • Deploys personalized applications powered by your own custom data science algorithms and/or by LLamasoft’s algorithm library
  • Drastically increases productivity by requiring zero front-end code and providing an automated data infrastructure
  • Provides an open platform that integrates with the technology your data scientists prefer

App Studio and App Studio OpenX are part of, the AI-powered enterprise decision platform delivering the science behind faster, smarter decisions across the extended supply chain.

Get in on the revolutionary impact AI has on operations, strategy, and competition.

What can tell you about your supply chain?

Examples of Personalized Apps Built with App Studio and App Studio OpenX

New Program Costing & Sourcing

Reduced time & improved costing accuracy with a central repository, process, and data validation

Strategic Sourcing Optimization

RFQ process setup from 2 days to  30 minutes, significant improvement in total landed cost

Supplier Performance and Risk Management

Provides actionable insights into risk patterns, consistently monitors negligent and volatile performers that put your brand at risk

Capacity Planning & Strategic Sourcing

Significant reduction in logistics & production costs with major improvement in efficiency

Procurement Optimization

Millions in total cost savings identified and better communication with suppliers

Store Delivery Optimization

Significant reduction in transportation cost & miles driven, increase in on time delivery

Root Cause Diagnostics Center

Deployed to 52 countries, 400 users, 1,000 monthly dashboard views, 12,000 visits to data sources

Pricing & Bidding Optimization

Significant increase in contract win rate and improvement in profit margins

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