LLamasoft Cloud Platform

Data and Application Security Is Our Top Priority

The LLamasoft Cloud Platform is an extension of your company’s IT network, and we treat it as such. We protect our customers’ reputation by adhering to rigorous data privacy policies.

The LLamasoft Cloud Platform has strict information security policies and procedures.  We have integrated key security features into the LLamasoft Cloud Platform to ensure your data is protected including:

  • Strict data segregation

  • Data encryption at rest

  • Restricted datacenter access

  • Multi-tier networks

  • Single sign-on (SAML 2.0, ADFS)

  • Secure and encrypted web connections

  • Tenant segregation

  • Role based user and group permissions

  • Audit tracking

  • High availability

  • Redundant systems architecture

  • Network layer protections

  • Next gen endpoint protection

  • Hardened system architecture

  • Continuous vulnerability management

Backup Policy

The LLamasoft Cloud Platform is backed up daily so you will never lose data. Encrypted backups are stored in multiple datacenter locations to ensure that your data is recoverable in the event of loss.

Data Integration Simplified

Migrating your data to and from the LLamasoft Cloud Platform is fast, easy, and secure. We support a variety of manual and automated data transfer workflows and an encrypted and secure two-way data transfer for seamless integration with the LLamasoft Cloud Platform.

Data Centers with Global Reach

LLamasoft is a global company that understands data residency requirements.  We are working on strategies to support our clients wherever they reside.

Data Security

LLamasoft understands customer needs for data security.  We have engineered the LLamasoft Cloud Platform to support our customers data security requirements.

Customers own their data and control the accessibility of that data. LLamasoft does not have access to customer data unless the customer explicitly shares data with the LLamasoft team.

Reliable Performance

By actively monitoring uptime and response time, we ensure you have a reliable, fast, and safe connection to LLamasoft’s servers. Our dedicated team of experts provide you with advanced notice of planned outages and real-time status updates so your business never loses productivity.

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